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This is my crap. If you want to know anything, just ask.

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Hello. I got bored, so I decided to redo this. My name is Chris, but I'm okay with going by CC or Wish, but Chris is fine. This is my third deviant art account (lost the passwords for the others).
I like anime, animals, food, Harry Potter, Buffy, LOTR, Zelda, history, literature, science, art, and other stuff, but it would take to long to mention. But you don't care, do you? It's okay. I don't care, either. But feel free to talk to me about those things, or anything else, really. I am always willing to try a book or TV show some one recommends. But I'm way to awkward, so you're going to have to start the conversation.
I'm an Aromantic Asexual Gender fluid who is a vegetarian, and if you have a problem with that, then please don't give me shit and instead, just ignore me or something. But that is who I am, and nothing can change that.
If there is anything else you want to know, just ask.


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you're pitting me, aren't you? So, what 'bout those points?

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Hello. Yes, I'm still alive. 

For the record, I was still logging in... I just haven't been posting stuff. I don't even have an excuse besides my printer (that has a scanner in it) has been moved to a weird spot that's hard to open, and only uploads to my parent computer since I don't know how (or even if) I can change the settings so they upload to my laptop. 

I know, it's really pathetic. I'm acturally kind of ashamed of this pathetic reason. 

But that might all change now! Kind of...

I've usually only posted drawings on here, but I write too. I was just always more confident with my art than my writing. But my writing skills has improved immensely. 

And that's where you, amazing friends and watchers that care (if any do...), come in.

I must ask for your advice on two things:
  1. I have been writing a story, and even though I'm not finished with it yet, I've been thinking of uploading it onto Deviant Art. The gist of it is: A prostitute who hates her life meets an Italian businessman who is asexual, has no friends, and hires her so he has someone to play video games with. There's more to it than that, but like I said, that was the gist of it. Do you think I should upload it? Mind you, I'm very proud of it, and I will probably upload it even if the majority of you say no.
  2. Not only have I been thinking of uploading my story onto DA, but I've recently started thinking about entering it in writing contests. Should I enter it? I would like some feed back on it before I enter it, though. Which kind of goes along with number one...
Please help me out! I'm acturally proud of something I've done, and would really like feedback/support. 

Thank you for even reading this! Have a nice day/night~
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  • Drinking: Water and coffee
A few days ago I submitted a drawing of a guy in a dress and a girl in a suit. I want to get that drawing in a magazine at my school.
I turned in the drawing today. They actually excepted it! I was very surprised. My school is filled with a bunch of queerphobes, and even though the people I drew were not necessarily queer, there is a good chance the drawing would be counted as that and people would say they got offended by it.
But they lady who was in charge of the art portion smiled at it and but it in a folder. I didn't think it would get that far! It still has to make it into the magazine, so I haven't one yet. But I'm feeling slightly more confident than I was before. I'll tell you if it makes it in!
(Okay I know I'm talking to no one, but I need to vent. And I'm going to need to vent when I find out what happens. :P )
  • Listening to: Linik Park
    I was looking threw my notes today, and I found something out: I had a lot of unread notes from people thanking me for favoriting their art. I don't know why it never showed up when I got it.
    I'm sorry if you sent me a note like that and I never responded. I didn't mean to shun you! And you're welcome for the favorite. This goes for the people in the future, too (we all know it will happen).
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